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Katy, Texas Order of Protection Lawyer

Fort Bend County Protection Order Lawyer

Attorney for Obtaining a Protective Order in Fort Bend County

If you have been a victim of family violence and a recurrence appears likely, you are entitled to a protective order in Texas. A protective order is a court order issued by a judge and formally served upon your abuser that tells them:

  • They must stay away from your home and place of employment as well as those of your family/household members, including your child's school or daycare. The court order will specify each prohibited location and a minimum stay-away distance.
  • They may not communicate in a threatening or harassing manner with you or any member of your family/household, or make threats through a third party.
  • If the court finds good cause, they may not communicate at all with you or any member of your family/household except through your lawyer.
  • They may not engage in conduct that is likely to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass you or a member of your family/household.
  • They must not harm, threaten, or interfere with your pets or assistance animal.
  • They may not possess a firearm unless they have a qualifying job such as a police officer.
  • They must not commit any acts of physical assault upon you or any member of your family or household.

The offender may also be ordered by the court to complete a battering intervention and prevention program or receive counseling.

If the abuser violates the order, you can call the police, and the offender can be arrested and charged with the crime of violating a protective order.

At The Foray Firm, we understand how difficult it can be to take steps to protect yourself against domestic violence. Whether you have lived in the shadow of family violence for 10 days or 10 years, we stand ready to assist you with obtaining a protective order and shining the light of the law on the offender.

It is important to file for a protective order as soon as possible after an incident of domestic violence. We will need to gather evidence to convince the court to issue a protective order, including police reports, photographs of injuries, threatening texts, and other documentation of the abuse.

Our commitment to our clients extends beyond our legal services. If you need assistance in finding a safer place to live or counseling for yourself and your children, we will connect you with public and private services that can help.

What to Do If You Have Been Served with a Protective Order

If you have been served with a temporary protective order or a notice that someone has applied for a protective order against you, read the documents carefully and comply with all of the terms. There will be a court hearing within 14 days to determine whether a long-term protective order should be issued.

The Foray Firm Houston is prepared to vigorously defend your rights in a protective order hearing. It is important to have legal representation in this situation because having a protective order issued against you may affect your parental rights and your relationship with your children, particularly if you are in the middle of a contentious divorce or child custody dispute.

Fort Bend County Protective Order Lawyers

The attorneys of The Foray Firm are dedicated to providing reliable legal representation to families of all races, ethnicities, and genders. Contact us in our Houston, TX office at 832-919-6400. We serve clients throughout the Houston area and Fort Bend County, including the communities of Fulshear, Katy, Richmond, and Sugar Land, and in Waller County and Harris County.

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