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How Is Supervised Visitation Handled in Texas Divorce Cases?

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During a divorce, some things inevitably change between parents and their children. The relationship itself is not always affected, but custody arrangements can strain some parent-child interactions. Custody schedules are created based on the child’s best interests. In many cases, both parents will have similar amounts of time with their child to try to preserve a sense of normalcy. For parents with more complicated relationships, supervised visits may be required of the non-custodial parent. 

When Is Supervised Visitation Appropriate?

In Texas, supervised visitation is required in situations where a parent poses a threat to the child. Any form of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from that parent warrants supervised visits. This can include abuse the parent inflicted on the child or on the other parent. Parents with substance abuse problems or uncontrollable mental illnesses can also endanger the child. Those parents who have neglected their child or who have been absent from the child's life may also be required to have supervised visitation.

What Do the Visits Look Like?

If supervised visitation is required, the court will decide the details for when and where the visits will occur. In some cases, visits take place in a designated facility or location. A monitor will be present to watch the interactions. Sometimes, social workers will act as monitors and accompany the child to the non-custodial parent’s home. If this is the case, they will bring the child to and from the visit. Depending on the child’s relationship with both parents, the judge may allow a friend or family member to act as the monitor. This can make the situation feel less like an attack, but it can also lead to biased reporting if the monitor is closer to one of the parents.

How to Act as the Supervised Parent

While no parent will want to be subject to supervision when they are with their child, these types of visitation arrangements do not have to last forever. Supervised meetings can function as an evaluated step toward gaining a more private custody arrangement. Because of this, a parent should be aware of his or her actions and comments during these visits. Presentation plays a role, so it is important to wear nice clothing and arrive on time. Avoiding the use of profanity around the child is also critical. The monitor can make mental observations or write down notes about a parent's behavior. Having a planned activity to do with the child shows that a parent is prepared and he or she is thinking ahead and being proactive about the future.

Contact a Houston Child Custody Attorney

Supervised visitation is not a situation that any parent wishes to be in. This type of visitation can result in a loss of custody for one parent that can be difficult to earn back. However, supervised visitation may also help a parent lay the groundwork for a better custody arrangement in the future. At The Foray Firm, we have helped hundreds of parents develop customized child custody and visitation agreements. If you need help addressing issues related to child custody during or after your divorce, contact our Fort Bend County child custody and visitation lawyers at 832-919-6400. 




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