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5 Parenting Plan Elements That Are Frequently Overlooked

Posted on in Family Law

Orland Park Parenting Plan LawyerWhether you are an unmarried parent or a married parent considering a divorce, child custody arrangements may be at the top of your mind. It can be difficult to find a parenting plan that works for both parents - especially if one parent is less than cooperative.

Your parenting plan will contain crucial information about the allocation of parenting time and decision-making authority. As you develop your parenting plan, make sure you do not overlook the following key issues.

Parenting Time Schedules on Holidays and Special Events

When you and your co-parent decide on the parenting plan, make sure to put agreements in writing regarding holidays and special events. This is an issue that frequently causes disagreements among co-parents and extended relatives. For example, if a father typically gets the children Sunday through Thursday, does this mean that he always has the children for Easter since Easter is always on a Sunday? It may be best to create a separate parenting time plan for these special days. For example, you may decide to alternate who has physical custody of the children on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

The Right of First Refusal

The right of first refusal states that if one parent is unable to take care of the children, he or she must call the other co-parent and give them an opportunity to watch the kids before calling anyone else. This ensures that both parents have equal say in who will take care of their children when they are otherwise unavailable. Make sure to include how and when the right of first refusal applies to your parenting plan.

Transportation of the Children to School, Extracirrciulars, and Between the Parents' Homes

Include provisions addressing how children will be transported. Which parent is responsible for dropping off the children at school and picking them up? How will the child be transported between the two homes? What happens if a parent cannot provide transportation?

Technology and Social Media Guidelines

"Screen time" is a major concern for many modern parents. You may want to include guidelines regarding the use of technology and social media, such as phone usage, texting, and access to social media accounts. You may want to specify which apps are allowed or prohibited, how long your child can use technology each day, when they will be allowed to call or text, and how to handle any problems that arise.

Relocation of Parents

People move for a variety of reasons - for a job promotion, to be closer to family, or to live in a better school district. Relocation can have a major impact on the parenting plan. Make sure to include a provision that states what will happen if one of the parents wants to relocate.

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